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EO/EEO Advisor Toolkit

U.S. Navy

Administration Management Systems

Navy DEOCS Data Retrieval System (NDRS)
Military Equal Opportunity Network
Military Equal Opportunity Network (MEONet) User Guide (PDF)


DOD Instruction 1342.19, Family Care Plans dated 7 May 10 (PDF)
Core Value Charter (PDF)
OPNAVINST 1740.4D, U.S. Navy Family Care Policy dated 27 Oct 09 (PDF)
OPNAVINST 5370.2C, Navy Fraternization Policy dated 26 Apr 07 (PDF)


Hispanic Americans in the Navy (PDF)

African Americans in the Navy

June 2003, Complaint Processing (PDF)
June 17,2003, Conducting Command Climate Assessments-Tips and Best Practices (PPT)
Department of Navy, Sexual Harassment Advice Line - Prevention of Sexual Harrassment Poster (JPG)
Navy EOA Recruitment for DEOMI Instructors (FLV)
Recruitment Video Script (PDF)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Policies

OPNAVINST 5800.8, Alternative Dispute Resolution dated 24 Nov 98 (PDF)
SECNAVINST 5800.13A, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Policy and Mission of the DON ADR Program Office dated 22 Dec 05 (PDF)

Diversity Newsletters

April 26, 2011, The Naval STEM Advantage (PDF)

March 1, 2011, Women's History Month  (PDF)

August 16, 2005, The Diversity Newsletter (PDF)

June 6, 2005, The Diversity Newsletter (PDF)

April 15, 2004, The Diversity Newsletter (PDF)

Diversity Policies

Department of the Navy Diversity Policy Statement – December 2010 (PDF)

EO Policies

SECNAVINST 1730.7D, Religious Ministry Support Within The Department of Navy dated 8 Aug 08 (PDF)
SECNAVINST 5300.26D, Department of the Navy (DON) Policy On Sexual Harassment dated 3 Jan 06 (PDF)
General Regulations (PDF)
OPNAVINST 5354.1F, DON Equal Opportunity Policy dated 25 Jul 07 (PDF)
SECNAVINST 1610.2A, Department of the Navy Policy on Hazing dated 15 Jul 05 (PDF)
SECNAVINST 1730.8B, Accommodation of Religious Practices dated 2 Oct 08 (PDF)
SECNAVINST 5350.16A, Equal Opportunity (EO) Within the Department of the Navy dated 18 Dec 06 (PDF)

SECNAVINST 5354.2, DON Equal Opportunity, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Diversity Oversight dated 26 Jan 09 (PDF)

Reprisal Policies

SECNAVINST 5370.7C, Military Whistleblower Reprisal Protection dated 14 Oct 05 (PDF)

Womens Policy

Women in the Navy, Facts and Statistics June 2010
OPNAVINST 1300.17A, Assignment of Women in the Navy dated 30 Jan 07 (PDF)
OPNAVINST 6000.1C, Guidelines Concerning Pregnancy and Parenthood dated 14 Jun 07 (PDF)
SECNAVINST 1000.10A, Department of the Navy (DON) Policy on Parenthood and Pregnancy dated 9 Sep 05 (PDF)
SECNAVINST 1300.12C w/Chg 1, Assignment of Women Members in the Department of the Navy (DON) dated 28 Dec 05 (PDF)
Women in the Navy Update dated 22 Apr 04 (PDF)

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