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DEOCS 4.1 Launched August 1, 2017

Human Relations Toolkit

Key Topics

A quick reference area for leaders throughout the DoD to obtain current and contemporary information to assist in promoting and enhancing organizational effectiveness and maximizing combat readiness.

Key Topics

Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention Video

Bystander Intervention Fact Sheet

This fact sheet specifies information regarding: (1) the importance of a bystander, (2) who is a bystander, (3) what the bystander effect is, (4) reasons bystanders remain passive, and (5) the bystander approach.

A Model of Bystander Intervention

This article specifies four components of a bystander intervention model: (1) notice the incident, (2) interpret the incident as an emergency, (3) assume responsibility, and (4) attempt to help. In addition, the article also identifies factors that influence helping behaviors.

Key Topics


Mentoring Programs Across the Services

This article summarized mentoring programs within the military. In addition, a comparison was made between formal and informal programs and formal mentoring programs were found to be superior.

Mentoring Training

Program Overview

Mentoring Training Facilitators Guide

Mentorship Checklist

Key Topics

LGBT Information

Transgender Service in The U.S. Military: An Implementation Handbook

This handbook will assist transgender Service Members in their gender transition, help commanders with their duties and responsibilities, and help all Service Members understand Department policy allowing the open service of transgender Service Members.

Transgender Service in The U.S. Military: The Basics

This product contains the basic information that is detailed in the above handbook.

DEOMI produced media is designed to increase awareness of behaviors that impact command climate. These items can be used with other tools located on the Assessment to Solutions area to increase mission readiness.