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Training Media

Training Templates

The human relations training material identified here is continually being reviewed and revised to meet Service needs. Some training material may not be available at this time due to the systematic revision and maintenance of the training content and supporting material. Please check back occasionally to see updates.

The following templates are provided for Military Department human relations training. Any changes to the content of the template must be coordinated through the local Military Equal Opportunity office or DEOMI-trained Equal Opportunity Advisor, as well as, the local Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, and approved at the appropriate level in the chain of command. Please refer any questions regarding the template or its contents to your respective Component or Military Service Military Equal Opportunity Office.
Training Media

General Awareness

Time and Culture Round Table
Training Media

Practitioner Development

Commanders In-Brief Video
Mediation Video
Army EO Intake Process Video

The following videos are short training scenarios designed to continue practitioner development by providing a "what now" scenario and potential courses of action. These real life scenarios can also be used to generate conversations at the team level by using the associated facilitation guide.

Training Day

Poster Complaint Response

New Task

Why Can't I

Physical Training

Falling out at Work

Breakroom Blast

Electronic Humor Stings

Hallway Chatter

Myth vs. Reality

Teasing Turns Personal