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DEOCS 4.1 Launched August 1, 2017




Technical Reports

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Technical reports contribute to DEOMI's Research Publishing Program on a range of projects from initial pilot tests to usability test reports, training assessment reports, preliminary research study findings, and other collaborative efforts with external partners. The content of these technical reports reflects the scientific rationale behind a certain process, progress to date, or other results of simulation-based or scientific research conducted. They can often provide the baseline rationale for continuing efforts in specific realms of study and recommendations for future research.

Additionally, the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) houses scientific and technical documents and provides both public and official access to research papers, dissertations and theses, journal articles, some products, and other items.

To access older DEOMI items or research to include those of collaborative agencies, access the DTIC database link below. DEOMI products can be found through the Advanced Search portal under the Organization Code #420294.

Archived Reports

DTIC Database